European Federation of Energy Law Associations

Energy is an essential component of social and economic life. For more than sixty years energy has been at the core of the European project and it keeps a crucial role concerning cohesion, jobs, investments and innovation in Europe.
Over the last two decades, energy has deserved increased attention of the legislator for its social, political and economic significance and for its interrelation with other economic and industrial sectors and public policies, in particular climate change. At the same time, there has been an extraordinary transformation of the energy sector, driven by three phenomena of a different but concurrent nature:
- on the one hand, growing technological innovation;
- on the other hand, the need to ensure that energy transformation and use is compatible with environmental goals and the fight against climate change and,
- finally, the convergence of the energy sector with other sectors such as transport, buildings, telecommunications, water and waste management, as well as information and communication technologies.

The Energy Transition requires a complex framework of legal relations involving many agents across the European Union. Therefore, Energy Law became one of the central chapters of the new public law of economic nature with its own principles, problems, methods and regulatory techniques.

For all the above, a group of energy law experts from different countries of the European Union, through the national associations specialized in this matter, have decided to constitute the European Federation of Energy Law Associations. Our goal is to promote reflection, study, research and discussion of all issues related to the configuration of a modern Energy Law, thus contributing to the making of more efficient energy markets, enhancing coherence of the reliant legal and regulatory frameworks throughout Europe.

Type of members and Fees


Founding members and other established associations € 750 annual fees till end 2018


For associations not yet registered No fees, maximum duration of two years


EFELA -  European Federation of Energy Law Associations